The Gift of Music from a Gift in your Will

CMFS, like a true friend, has been supporting Cheltenham Music Festival in so many ways throughout its 70 year history and is very proud of all that this thriving Festival has achieved.

The Festival today not only brings some of the best musicians of our generation to perform in some of the finest concert venues on a musician’s schedule, but also commissions new work, offers vital performance opportunities to young talents starting out on a professional career, designs and runs a unique Composer Academy mentoring programme every year and takes to joy and thrill of classical music to children throughout Gloucestershire - many of whom would never otherwise see a piece of sheet music, hold a classical instrument or experience a live music before their eyes - and then join in!

In 2014 Music Festival Education projects reached 3226 pupils and teachers from 92 schools in Gloucestershire. These included workshops painting to music with author and illustrator James Mayhew, where, at one school, an elective mute child chose to talk to James about what he had created. Across the 41 Music Festival workshops and events that took place this year, children were transfixed by the music and the performers.  Alongside outreach to schools, 140 young string players came together for The Benedetti Sessions, spending a weekend rehearsing with Nicola Benedetti, asking her questions, and watching her coach some talented young Gloucestershire performers in a masterclass, before a public performance in a packed out Princess Hall!.

Past education projects have included various singing initiatives bringing schoolchildren together to perform as one choir on the Town Hall stage; ‘Bandwagon’, which took sixth-form Gloucestershire musicians and a professional animateur ‘on tour’ to primary schools not only presenting ‘role model’ musicians but getting children to think about what they hear, and working with the National Star College performing arts group to create works they then performed to a public audience.

The power of music to change and enhance our lives is undisputed; the history, stories, inspirations of the great works and their composers are an inspiration in themselves. The joy of music, its intellectual challenge and emotional force for good are well-documented... and it’s fun!

All these activities are made possible, in part, by the financial support the CMFS gives to the Music Festival every year. If you would like to contribute to the on-going excellent projects, one way would be to make a gift in your will to Cheltenham Music Festival Society. We all reel at weight of personal paperwork, but this can be arranged by means of a simple amendment to your existing will - a codicil.

You can draw up a codicil with your solicitor - you will need our Charity number which is 281044 - or you can use one of the forms below. We would be so appreciative for your support.

If you wish to leave a specific sum to the society, use Codicil - Specific amount.pdf

If you wish to leave a proportion of the residue of your estate to the society, use Codicil - Share of residue.pdf

(Remember to keep the codicil with your will)

Thank you for your kind consideration.